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David Banner Talks Walking With Gods, America “Pimpin” Hip-Hop & Producing for Lil Wayne (Part 2)

HHS1987 recently sat down with rapper, producer and actor David Banner for a three part exclusive interview. In this part 2 of 3, David Banner speaks about the concept behind his series “Walking With Gods” and he defines the roles we play spiritually as Kings and Queens in this life. Banner also defines how America is pimping the Hip-Hop culture and how internet surfing on google informed him of his most recent Lil Wayne placement. The interview was conducted by HHS1987′s Eldorado. The interview was shot by HHS1987′s Brian Da Director.

Watch Part 1 here

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Cortney Couture says:

Anybody who likes David Banner's message(s) should also listen to Dr. Umar Johnson.

Cortney Couture says:

David banner is great! I want to be
a mixture of him and Malcome X.

Meekiaal Dayvon says:

I am born and raised in it in old 14 years of my life beautiful Wayne thank you for a mitten that

Keyairra Knox says:

S.U alumni !!!!
Ok,.im impressed

Baby G'sus says:

This nigga Dave is turnt!! lol

Corey B says:

An thats why I call myself LordJones

avatarJfool says:

He didn't wanna say it but…  Even the strippers working tht pole is GOD…. dnt stop tht shit.. lol

Jay Saniyah says:

So much knowledge dropped in 5 minutes! "Ye are Gods"….David Banner has grown so much

Corey Ford says:

David Banner woke the fuck up that what I am talking about 

PRECIUZ7399 says:

I really love this interview and David has really grown up. I respect him as a man and so much more. You shall be blessed Mr.Banner, the MOST HIGH has you in his sight.

solitairedoll says:

Great interview. David Banner is a true king. Kudos to the interviewer – he does his homework!

lafateno says:

Brother David the Lord…. YEAH!!!! That's it!?!?

Algernon Franklin says:

Peace HIPHOPSINCE1987TV and everyone leaving positive comments!!! David Banner is dropping science and knowledge the proper way through his upcoming project. Big up and much respect to you god. The next time you're in Montgomery, Al reach out to the gods so that we can build too.

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