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Davidson’s Tea Bags, Organic Tulsi Rose Petals, 100 Count

Davidson’s blends three varieties of Tulsa (Krishna, rama and vana) with beautiful scarlet rose petals, relaxing chamomile and tart lemon myrtle for a delightful mint and rose fragrant tea. Indulge in the goddess of ayurvedic love and elixir of life that this blend provides.

Product Features

  • Sudan certified organic and fair traded certified
  • A pack of 100-count economically-bulk packed unwrapped tea bags in large reseal able zipper lock bag
  • Contains powerful adapt genic properties (anti-stress) and ayurvedic properties (healing common ailments and strengthening body’s immune system)
  • Caffeine-free
  • If you enjoy this bulk packed bag of loose, unwrapped tea bags containing one flavor, you might also like our box of 100 assorted flavor

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Anonymous says:

I like this tea.That being said, I am a bit disappointed that it has very little -almost no- rose aroma or flavour…Unfortunately, chamomile and lemon myrtle within the tea is overpowering any of the rose flavour…I do like lemon myrtle, so I am still enjoying the tea, but I was expecting more of a ‘tulsi rose’ tea as the name of the product suggests ratherthan ‘tulsi camomile, lemon myrtle’. So, if you are expecting more of a rose aroma, I am afraid you might…

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