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Deadliest Sea: The Untold Story Behind the Greatest Rescue in Coast Guard History

Deadliest Sea by Kalee Thompson is the spellbinding true story of the greatest rescue in U.S. Coast Guard history. Recounting the tragic sinking of the fishing trawler, Alaska Ranger, in the Bering Sea and its remarkable aftermath in March 2008, Deadliest Sea is real life action and adventure at its finest. The full story of an amazing rescue—where extraordinary courage, ingenuity, will, and technology combined in one of the most remarkable maritime feats ever recorded—has never been told before now. It’s The Perfect Storm meets Deadliest Catch.

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Andrew Lasher "slash1001" says:

I will never make fun of the Coast Guard again A book I couldn’t put down, literally. I had a vacation planned and was looking for a page turner, and found this incredibly gripping story on the recommendation of a friend. Like some of the other reviewers, I’ve never really been into the Deadliest Catch or that sort of reality television, but that didn’t matter at all. Trust me, pick up this book even if it’s not in your wheelhouse. I never knew how hardcore the Coasties were! It’s a fast-moving, well-written book that can compete with…

Rachel says:

Edge-of-your seat storytelling with expertly reported details I can’t say I’m someone who usually reads about the Coast Guard, the Alaska fishing industry, or federal safety regulations, but I was absolutely gripped by Deadliest Sea. This is an edge-of-your seat read, and you will get chills as the various rescue teams swing into action and race against time and the frigid elements of the Bering Sea to reach the crew of the doomed Alaska Ranger before it’s too late. Most compelling are the characters you meet along the way, from the rookie fish…

Jayson Vallee says:

Excellent read with lots of research done. So I finished the book last night, and I loved it. I haven’t read a book like that straight through in the long time, and I will admit the last book I did that for was the last Harry Potter book. I like the flow of it and how the author introduced each of the people involved in the rescue and tied it in with the Ranger. I also like how the Mayday call and the conversation between the Ranger and COMSTA was a central time line, which kept every event in perspective This has a lot of…

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