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Death threats against Mitt Romney explode in final hours of campaign!/SteeveCastro/status/265848672720412672

As Twitchy has reported, assassination threats targeting Mitt Romney continued to pile up throughout the campaign season.

But this week, the disturbing threats on Romney’s life have absolutely exploded on Twitter. Here are just some of the recent tweets from people who want to assassinate the GOP candidate. There are many more coming in every hour.

Ill personally kill romney if he wins the election

— CFAR (@PaulMurray96) November 6, 2012

If Romney come to Shreveport ima assassinate his ass

— OnATripToPluto✈ (@ThatNiggaFlyAF) November 6, 2012

I love Obama Lord Knows I Do but I’ll kill Romney Dead before I let Him win this Election 😳

— Homecoming Queen ! (@CamiDaSOLEKeepa) November 6, 2012

If Romney win ima be the first terrorist to assassinate that nigga

— November 9th (@PeanutWoods3) November 6, 2012

im a assassinate Mitt Romney..

— Ho bama. (@HEMPSTUUR) November 6, 2012

If Romney wins, I WILL be the one to kill that foo! #Rs

— LadyT(@CallMehLilo_) November 6, 2012

Aye , If Obama Lose Who Gone Help Me Assassinate Romney?

— LemonHead® (@__Dakaaaaaa) November 6, 2012

I just have this feeling that if Romney wins that someone is going to assassinate him.. I ain’t say who but uhh..*cocks gun*

— ♡ January 14 † (@xStoryOf_MyLife) November 6, 2012

Man if Romney win mi baby not coming home then ima kill Romney ass #Simple

— FREEMYBOYFRIEND™ (@__EastSideSavaG) November 6, 2012

If Romney wins ima assassinate him myself #Obama2012 👊

— – NiqueHATCH ..(@xo_Dominiquee) November 6, 2012

Ima Assassinate MITT ROMNEY IF HE WINS ! … #RT If Youuu DOWN !!!

— ★ S H E R Y D E ★(@May_Flockaveli) November 6, 2012

Ima kill romney

— june_bug (@MONEYTALKDWALT) November 6, 2012

If Romney win , ima assassinate that mf my damn self !

— ♡[ moan • eee ]♡ (@__Locc) November 6, 2012

Idc if Romney wins.. ima kill him anyways

— Jaavz (@HaVeeAirr) November 6, 2012

If obama looses i might go kill romney and his vice president so then obama will be forced to be president.

— Emily Pietropaolo (@emilypietro8) November 5, 2012

Im goin 2 vote. W/o a doubt, but idk wat i’ll do if Romney wins. I swear. I’ll prolly assassinate his ass.

— DoubleCups&Diimples (@sambam_843) November 5, 2012

“@leslieesoup: if Obama doesn’t win… then what?” assassinate Romney!!

— Sammy Da Bull (@RubbaBand_Sam) November 5, 2012

If Romney win, this gone be my second time trying to kill somebody.

— Peer Pressure(@NoNameLeandra) November 5, 2012

<– I will assassinate Romney if he becomes president . #MarkMyWords ✌ goin back to sleep..

— Jimmy Neutron (@Jamesonthabluff) November 5, 2012

If Mitt Romney ends up being president I swear to god I will actually go to America and kill him no joke

— katieeeeeee (@KatieCrabtree_) November 5, 2012

I might have to assassinate Romney!

— Beautiful People…♥(@SincerelyAnia) November 5, 2012

Gawdd I’m So Hyp Right Now! Let Me See Romney Ever Walk My Streets. EVER! * Aims Gun *

— JOE (@Stay_MadBro) November 6, 2012

If romney , persident ! yaa aint gotta worry about sht ! cuss ima kill em ! during his luh parade ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

— No Faking ! (@HoelyfeK) November 4, 2012

if Romney get president, me and my crew gone shoot up the white house.

— LIVEfastDiePRETTY♡ (@_xoBADgirlsDOIT) November 4, 2012

There’s only one thing I want to do with Romney – kill him.

— ‹з (@biebahtoxic) November 4, 2012

Romney tryna get his ass ASSINATED. i will shoot his ass clear in the throat . GODDAMN

— FASHOO ! ♥ (@YOU_MAD_OHH) November 4, 2012

Fuck that let’s kill this nigga Romney Right now he Tryna ban rap music WTF hell naw he playing wit my life

— IG: Tru_God(@DabCastellano) November 5, 2012

If Romney becomes president I’ll probably shoot him

— Anna Vernon (@anna_valerie) November 5, 2012

@secretservice@joelcotterell if Romney wins the US election i’ll assassinate him myself

— Honcho (@Doctorfreefall) November 4, 2012

If Romney win ….. Ima Kill That Nigga.

— (DOUBLE M+G!) (@_StunnaMfBaby18) November 5, 2012

if Romney wins the US election i’ll assassinate him myself

— Joel Cotterell (@JoelCotterell) November 4, 2012

@mariskamania I’ll go to the white house and kill Romney

— Diane Benson (@BensonHargitay1) November 4, 2012

If Romney becomes president< imma kill him.

— Kay❤ (@ofwgKAY___ta) November 4, 2012

if mitt romney win , the crime rate is going to go up because im a SHOOT HIS BITCH ASS !

— That One Guy™ (@_AJSkillz) November 4, 2012

I think I’ll just make it easy for Americans and assassinate Romney tn ๐Ÿ™‚ #YoureWelcome

— Jessticless (@jjessmcgg) November 5, 2012

If Romney become president , Im a kill his ass #ObamaBitch

— November 20th #HAMWB (@kidgo_onDave) November 5, 2012

We assassinate Romney duuuhhh Rodretta RT @shncsexy: What happens if Obama doesn’t win ??

— Deez NUTS!!! (@SexyBeeBeeDub) November 5, 2012

Romney gone make me shoot his STUPID FUCK FACE ASS.

— Cha’Ryan ♡ (@iSpeakCocaine_) November 5, 2012

if you dont vote for Obama.! imma personally kill Romney with my bare black hands.! so you better vote for Obama

— |OBAMA 2012!| (@_WhereNesbittAT) November 5, 2012

These tweets do not include people who wished for Romney’s death.

Some of these tweets may be sick jokes or demented fantasies, but if even one of these violent threats is in earnest, it needs to be taken seriously. Reminder: While many Twitter users report death threats to the @SecretService Twitter account, the Secret Service asks that you make reports directly to state field offices.

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