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Deer Stags Men’s Times, Brown, Wide


Anonymous says:

Great look for a single (or double) occasion… I do really like how these shoes look out of the box. This look does not last. Unfortunately, they are uncomfortable; even as soon as an hour in, the heels of my feet feel like they are standing on rock. The arch support makes me physically curve my back to comfort myself. Additionally, I got these shoes in January and wear them about 3-4 days per week for work, which is primarily standing and minimal walking. The bottom of the shoes are already peeling off from the top, taking the soles off…

Anonymous says:

ABSOLUTE GARBAGE! DO NOT BUY!!! Such a shame – this used to be a great brand and I’ve been getting this same exact model for at least 10 years running. A few years ago the quality started going downhill steadily, with the common problem always being that the sole would separate from the shoe. It then became a throwaway shoe that I could get a few months wear out of, but the last two pairs have been ridiculous. This last time I wore them maybe 7 or 8 times and the sole pretty much completely came off. It’s not fastened down…

Anonymous says:

They are no longer made of good quality materials meaning the shoe is no longer leather I have used these shoes and or a resemblance of these shoes for years. These shoes would last on average about 2 years before needing to be replaced. I have noticed since about 2012 these shoes have changed. They are no longer made of good quality materials meaning the shoe is no longer leather. I have gone back to these twice in the past 6 years and both times have been very disappointed and upset for wasting money. The sole will pull away from the shoe with in two months, the pleather or…

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