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DEHH Indie Interviews: iLLmont

We got a chance to sit down with iLLmont, a 10 member group straight from Atlanta. They talk about upcoming projects, how they formed and what are their insp…

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Dead End Hip Hop says:
Jake Grogan says:

These dudes are the truth 


Good shit. These ppl are very much slept on 

Anthony Wendelboe says:

these dudes are slept on, everyone is mad talented 

jpoodle says:

First heard of them on the Danny!’s last album when it came out, one of my
favorites of the album. BTW, Why has this channel got no mention of
Danny!? lol, thought yall would’ve talked about his music by now (besides
in this interview lol)… Anyway, iLLmont’s NICE!

Frank Stein says:

Get on that Yasiin Gaye album ASAP, Side One, JAMMIN!

bdaley11145 says:


عمار عبد العزيز says:

school boy q new album review guys

twofoneshawty says:

the one with the plugs in his ear, the one after, and the girl the only
ones i can see me actually listening to

Calvin Strothers says:

BMX lol!! I’ll check these people out

DigiFrat says:

Fresh Dead End!!!! 😀 its a black screen though.. :(

AcidLoud77 says:

they have lyrics their delivery needs some work but still dope

twofoneshawty says:

aint a freestyle without a “come through”

twofoneshawty says:

show out to the black screen

Colin Woods says:

These kids are dope. Good to see the consciousness of the youth is alive
and strong! 

SimbaRyan says:

Cyhi the prynce- Black Histori Project mixtape is dope. It’s executive
produced by Kanye West. He should get a review. 

Isaiah Armstrong says:

Do they have any music out? Mixtapes or albums or anything? 

Alex Kelly says:

Ya got The Weeknd AND Nick Cannon w/dreads in that group?!?! DOPE! No but
on a serious note these guys (and gal) are incredible. Keep up the amazing
work, you are all original and amazing artists. iLLmont movement taking
over, watch out! 

Kyndalle Hines says:

Schoolboy q oxymoron please :)

celestualhealing says:

great interview man. ya’ll need to stay up on these guys. they’re doing big

Nahom gebresenbet says:

Where’s school boy Q’s review guys

BLACKGURU635 says:

I thought that was Sophie with dreads coming into the cipher at first

buymeaskyline says:


Till Velke says:

Please Review Oxymoron & Satellite Flight!!!

Luis M says:

this dudes are WACK! 

Iam RiSkO says:

BMX 430000000000000 lol

WestCoastRedskin says:

i see percee p on a reg out in LA now dude is a beast..wish you guys could
travel and interview the LA UNDERGROUND …that would be tight

Faisal Shinwari says:

The homies

Jermaine Lee says:

The girl is dope TDE sign lol

Larenz Logan says:

Gotta hit dat schoolboy Q

TheZoostudio13 says:

The girl needs to stop being so shy if she wants to make it at as an

TheBxban says:

This shit was wavy

Carson Jones says:

Great interview…

xanthonyrafarx says:

cant see but dont need to those lyrics tho

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