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Depets Feather Teaser Cat Toy, Retractable Cat Feather Toy Wand with 5 Assorted Teaser with Bell Refills, Interactive Catcher Teaser for Kitten Or Cat Having Fun Exerciser Playing

Depets Feather Wand Cat Teasing Toy activate a cat’s natural instinct to chase and pounce, encouraging healthy activity while simultaneously keeping them entertained. Release Cat’s Energy, Stabilise their Nervous Emotion, Increasing their Movement to Achieve Weight Loss & Keep Fit Healthy,A good interactive fun exerciser for Kitten and Cat.

Read a book or watch T.V. while you entertain and exercising your cat. Great for cats, young and old. Keeps them fit and active. Your cat won’t be able to resist chasing these feathers around the house. Great value and great product. You never regret to buy our cat wand toys for your cats!

1. Long 38 inch wand made of durable, indestructible, non-toxic, carbon fiber
2. Light weight but durable for hours of play
3. 5 interchangeable attachments included to keep cats fresh interests The feathers attachment have bells on it to stimulate cat’s hearing.

Product Size: As the picture showed
Package includes:
4 Pcs feather refills , 1 Pc worm
1 Pcs flexible wand

Don’t leave the pet alone with the toy, and supervise your cat when playing with this toy all the time. Keep the toy in a safe place that out of reach of children and pet.

Product Features

  • Perfect Cat Toy: This cat wand help your cats keep active and do more exercise, increasing kitten’s interest and stimulate cat’s sense, and make teasing a cat is no longer a manual job for you.This interactive toys engage your cats with you and it builds trust and companionship
  • High Quality: Cat feature toy made from safe,non-toxic. Eco-friendly material.All dyes are non-toxic and safe for your cats, alos our feather are all nature
  • Durable & Flexible: The wand extends from 15″ to 38″ instantly. It can be retracted back to it’s smaller size after play. It is flexible and strong, even with an aggressive cat
  • Variable Refills: These Funny interactive cat toys set include 5 Pcs different refills, you can change the teaser’s head to make more fun and cats won’t boring
  • Lightweight and Comfortable: The eva handle is comfortable to hold. The carbon fiber rod is lightweight, so that you do not feel tired after long-term playing

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Anonymous says:

Cat approved My name is Scout. My brother Bandit and I stole mom’s phone so we could tell all of you how much we LOVE this toy mom bought for us!I like the bright colored feathers the most. They look like the birds outside the window. Mom won’t let me out to get the birds for some reason but now I feel like I have the next best thing! I can jump really high and catch those birds in mid-air! But mom won’t let me take away the bird after I catch it and I don’t understand why. But then I get to…

Anonymous says:

Affordable fun for two My cat absolutely adores this toy. I showed it away in a cabinet after I played with him for over an hour with it and he was scratching at the cabinet for me to take it back out.I have had no trouble with the durability of the rod this far, but have noted multiple reviews that say otherwise. It does bend a good bit to prevent snapping.The attachable feathers/worm that are included are variable enough to keep interest from my cat, though they are not extremely durable and…

Anonymous says:

Cats’ favorite feather toy! The cats are in LOVE with this. We got some feather stick thing at PetSmart awhile back that ended up costing like 15 bucks and they still destroyed it almost immediately. Liked this one because it’s inexpensive and it comes with feather replacements. We have NOT been disappointed! They love the way this moves. It extends way farther out than we expected it to, so the pole is a good 3′ long when extended. It’s almost like a fishing pole but has a nice padded handle to hang onto. The…

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