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Designer Skin BLACK TAN EXTENDER Moisturizer Lotion 16 oz.

Revolutionary mega silicone emulsion provides maximum hydration and promotes smooth, sinfully-soft skin. Fade defying formula and SunStay Technology maintain and prolong the life and beauty if your tan.

Product Size: 16.0 fl oz
Fragrance: Refreshing Citrus
Manufacturer: Designer Skin
Classification: Moisturizer, Silicone
Year Introduced: 2012

Product Features

  • Silicone Tan Extender

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HCGBlondeAmbition says:

This Lotion Is Liquid Silk! Recently, my tanning salon offered a sample of this lotion for clients to try after they tanned. It was wonderful, but I couldn’t see spending the $40 price tag they were asking. Low and behold, here it is on Amazon for $24… that I can justify spending! I have been using the Designer Skin Black 20X bronzer tanning lotion before I tan, and I have never before had such a rich, dark tan in my life. (I am a 38 yr. old, fair-skinned blonde). The Black Tan Extender makes my skin glow and feel like…

Kristi L says:

BEST AFTER TAN EXTENDER AVAILABLE!!! I have used MANY after tan extenders and moisturizers and this one is hands down THE BEST! The color of bronzer is AMAZING and it’s silky smooth and I think it smells GREAT! It’s probably the best smelling when you use it with it’s “sister tan lotion” Black, as they smell the same, instead of using it after something with a complete opposite smell but regardless, it geta the job done! If you use it with something of an opposite smell, you can always plan your tanning sessions at the end of the…

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