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Designer Skin Love Junkie, 8.5-Ounce Bottle

Ultimate Love Junkie is a dazzling, dark tanning bronzer that provides immediate tanning results and satisfies your deepest, darkest, tanning cravings. Gorgeous, bronze color and silky – soft skin will keep you coming back for more.

Product Features

  • Dazzling, dark tanning bronzer that provides immediate tanning results
  • Satisfies your deepest, darkest, tanning cravings
  • For a gorgeous, bronze color and silky-soft skin

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K says:

Great product good price 0

sherryd says:

Great Product I have used Love Junkie for years and I love it. We just bought a tanning bed for my home so my daughter could tan. She has never been able to tan consistantly because we live in a rural area and it is too late to go after i get home. She has a fair complexion and takes a long time to tan. She started using the love junkie and looks great. She has so much more confidence now. Thank you for offering this product at such a great price. I usually pay $36. for the same thing in tanning…

merrys73 says:


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