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Designer Skin Mood Maximum Sizzle Quadruple Bronzer Tanning Lotion 13.5 oz.

Formulated with anti-aging ingredients to help maintain a youthful appearance and healthier looking. Extreme Sizzle creates intense microcirculation of the skin causing an immediate redness and warm sensation. Not for Beginners. Quadruple (4) Bronzers added for almost immediate color that develops just a few short hours after application.

Product Features

  • Unique Fade-Defying Formula! Mood Maximum Sizzle Quadruple Bronzer by Designer Skin
  • Mmaximum sizzle formula that delivers intense bronze color
  • Fade Defying formula helps fight oxidative stress and free radical damage to prolong the life and beauty of your tan

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T. Dinaro says:

Great Lotion I normally read rather than post, but I wanted to say that the MOOD lotion is amazing. It tingled a LOT when I first got in the tanning bed, and the tingle lasted a good 3.5 hours after use, but I must say, it gave me the deepest tan I’ve gotten in one visit. I really love it.It also kept me moisturized and the smell is AWESOME. I spent over 65 dollars buying it at the tanning salon, so I’m glad I found that it’s sold online.Buy it and give it a try, you won’t be sorry.

Michele Gay "mickieg31" says:

Mood Good product – delivers excellent bronze tan.PLEASE PLEASE read the warnings about rubbing off on children. I touched my granddaughter AFTER I rinsed off and she developed red patches and itchy skin that made her cry.

JenMo "JenMo" says:

Experienced dark tanners only! I’ve used a lot of tanning lotions over the years, and I always seem to come back to Mood. It gives a great dynamic tan that lasts. But Mood will kick your butt. The tingle is super intense. I’m an experienced tanner, I don’t burn, and Mood gets to me every time. I feel itchy right after use and have some redness for a little while. However, my sister doesn’t seem to have those same effects.Like I said, I try a lot of different products, many are easier to handle than Mood,…

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