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Designer Skin Smile You’re Darker Bronzer Tanning Lotion 13.5 Oz

Maximum Broning Accelerator Tanning Lotion
Powerful combination of bronzers and accelerators provides deeper, richer color.
Utiliaes Opti-glow for a healthy looking, radiant glow.
Enriched with natural botanical oils and biovitamins for improved performance.

Product Features

  • Bronzer

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ch2490 says:

Smiling I love this lotion. I actually alternate this with another designer skin product and have had great results. The main reason I love this lotion is the smell. It smells great and I always use this one if I’m planning to go somewhere after I tan. Instead of having the tanning bed stinch, I actually had someone ask yesterday what I was wearing that smelled so good.

cj1974 says:

Great lotion Don’t let this bottle with the big smiley face on it fool you. This is a great lotion it smells great, tans great I am very pleased with it and will continue to buy this product and the price is perfect. I noticed I was getting darker after first use and I have been tanning all summer. you have to try it 🙂

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