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Designer Skin Sweet Romeo Natural Bronzer Tanning Lotion – 8 oz.

Blend of bronzers, accelerators, and intensifiers ensure a streak-free tan.
Nourishing blend of Aloe and Carrot Oil.
Fresh blend of fern, forest and mist leave a clean scent fit for a prince or princess.

Product Features

  • Base is similar to Get Down Brown
  • Update to the Splash! Line
  • Natural Bronzer
  • DHA and Erythrulose Free
  • Gum DropTM Collection

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Angel Dively "Angel Beth" says:

i love this, the price is RIDICULOUSLY GOOD Smells awesome for a girl, but a guy could definitely wear it and not have any comments from the peanut gallery. Mainly because after you tan there is NO smell. You just smell clean. No one would ever notice a tan/lotion/shimmer/glimmer/scent …not one bit. The color I got so far from 3 uses, it a pretty golden brown.. but this is dha free, natural bronzers in it. I’m very happy with my color- as I don’t want to look like I belong on Jersey Shore, take that however you want. I…

brimarie says:

INCREDIBLE. Great for new tanners. I have never been to a tanning salon before, but I am going to SoCal in a month&wanted to look like a golden goddess instead of a pale tourist. My tanning salon kept pushing their high-end intense bronzers ($$$) I passed. Do not buy from the salon if you are new to tanning, even if you tan extremely well in the sun, like me. Summer, I am a golden beauty. The sun is my bestfriend, however during the Winter I become pale as a ghost. Being my first time tanning, I wanted to ease into it, in order…

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