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Desperate ‘General Hospital’ actress Nancy Lee Grahn calls Paul Ryan ‘asswipe’ over Dish-gate non-scandal!/NancyLeeGrahn/status/258335413880647680

Bless her heart. Despite the fact that the lapdog media finally lived up to its reputation as tireless truth-seekers and admitted that Paul Ryan did, in fact, wash dirty dishes that were actually dirty, Grahn evidently missed the memo and just couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Paul Ryan over the nontroversy. In doing so, Grahn is following in the illustrious footsteps of the DNC, who desperately tried to hop aboard the plodding Dish-gate train earlier today. They make quite a merry band of idiots, no?

Grahn’s desperation was like catnip to her liberal followers, who lavished praise upon her for her lame attempt at humor:

@nancyleegrahn bwhahahahahha hilarious!!

— Britni (@TeamSnB4ever) October 16, 2012

@nancyleegrahn LMFAO

— Dawn Rubino (@DawnRubino) October 16, 2012

@nancyleegrahn lmao #priceless

— Tameria Stanart (@CCFanForLife) October 16, 2012

@nancyleegrahn god I love u!!

— Kelly(@KelinSC) October 16, 2012

@nancyleegrahn lmao! u go girl! Show em how it’s done! hahaha

— T. Xyooj (@Musikfanatic82) October 16, 2012

@nancyleegrahn Greetings and much laughter from Wisconsin…you made me laugh out loud!!

— Dick Alpert (@dickalp) October 16, 2012

@nancyleegrahn You crack me up, lady! i swear ya do! Keepin’ it real like always. Love ya bunchez! xoxo

— Eddie Monkey (@1CheekyMonkey68) October 16, 2012

@nancyleegrahn lmao! #Ryanisanasswipe

— Jenn Attard (@jasb102706) October 16, 2012

@nancyleegrahn LMAO. Can you believe he washed clean pans?

— Rick Solimini (@Cherasny) October 16, 2012

@nancyleegrahn Hahahahaha!!! You are so awesome! Make sure those clean dishes get dirty in the water. Lol what idiots

— Cherie (@cabb4u) October 16, 2012

@nancyleegrahn If he’s not going to really help the people then leave it up to people who actually give a damn. He’s a soulless bastard.

— Stormie Woods (@SouthernSiren) October 16, 2012

Face, meet palm.

Meanwhile, this conservative gloriously made Grahn take her medicine:

@nancyleegrahn #getspaidforpretending

— Denise Wendel (@MemphisGrits) October 16, 2012

Oh. Sa. Nap.

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