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Did God REALLY say he’s your husband? 🤷🏾‍♀️👀




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Why do we say hey “Deku Fam” at the beginning of every video?
#DekuFam is made up of two words, Deku which is our last name and Fam which is short for family.
Our subscribers (ie. you) are the DekuFam. You are our extended online family who we aim to take on our life journey and lessons.

What countries are we from?
Gabes is Ghanaian, Anna is half Tanzanian and half Nigerian. However, we were both born in the UK and currently live in London.

Did we really wait until marriage to have sex?
Haha, yes! We can’t believe it either. We have videos discussing the whole process

Gabes face seems familiar…
A snippet of our wedding video went viral because Gabes was crying. See the full #DekuWedding2016 and find out why he was crying via the playlist below

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Nwabisa Mpotulo says:

This was incredible! Thank you guys so much ♥️

Betty Abbey says:

Very educational video. Thank you.

J Carlos says:

I hate the religious stuff anyway NEXT

Dānnā Kelechí says:

one of the most intense topic covered on this channel i must say! got me thinking alot really, but yet i had a good laugh. you both always crack me up. love you both so much, love your relationship with one another, your vulnerability, openness and willingness to share with one another and grow together.

saad alkndery says:

Jesus Christ (pbuh) never claimed that he is God" – Dr Zakir Naik

Tolu Akin says:

Loved this! Thank you for this Video guysss – really helpful, especially the advice on not trying to “overspirtualising” everything – it’s so true!

P.s. Anna you look so good! Love this hair on you 🙂

Lucy Akomiah says:

It is so good that you guys are discussion this topic because many find it difficult to know that this guy or this lady is the one.

Laurene Mkamanga says:

Thank you so much.

Jeff N says:

I’ve heard some horror stories. Gods plan for us all differs so I think it’s difficult to give a general answer for something that is very very specific. Because for some people I do believe that things like marriage can alter people’s destinies etc in fact I know of cases where it has happened and Gods told the person that they were disobedient in their choice of a husband and now they are dealing with the consequences. I think for some people marriage is a calling and for others it’s just a choice for those that are called I think God will always have someone for you and for those that simply choose it’s just a matter of good discernment. Ultimately I think for such a big big decision like marriage you should never think you know someone well enough to make that call, because people change and God really and truly is the only constant and it’s Him who knows who both parties are going to be in 5/10 years etc. So I would say try to feel Gods peace and get some kind of conviction about someone u wish to marry so that when certain challenges come you can be confident that God is going to take you through it because you know he had a hand in the decision making. This is just my take I just think it’s better to be safe than sorry because like the bible says every man serves the good wine in the beginning. There’s men who seem so anointed and great but end up putting hands on their wives a year into marriage etc. If u trust God then trust that He will give u a strong conviction About any potential life partner. Really enjoyed this vid, God bless you guys x

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