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Did Machete Kill Captain Phillips?

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SuperCruiser72 says:

Kris, I seriously don’t think Cloudy 2 is supbar and IMO, it’s better than the 1st. Next time, don’t speak for others, eh?

B.O. Thoughts Tonii-ee-iight!

1. I thought CP would win. Intense film, amazing true story and it’s an Oscar-ish wide release. I think it’ll still do well in the coming weeks.

2. Too bad MK’s @ #4. I enjoyed that one too.

3. Damn! RR narrowly beat Prisoners.

3. Next week: Carrie sadly wins, Escape Plan doesn’t but I wish it would & 5th Estate bombs.

Armando Lopez Jr says:

Did I just hear Gary Busey introduce the segment?

jabba820 says:

Can u do curse of chucky?!?!

Kayur Vyas says:

i watch movie talk all the time. it was a kool crossover. how about having Kevin Smith on the podcast?

macdaddyv says:

how do i find your amc video? whats it called?

thesparta1812 says:

Congrats on five out of five Mark
didn’t think i’d see it happen in my lifetime Lol

schmoesknow says:


schmoesknow says:

We did indeed. Review will be out today

schmoesknow says:


schmoesknow says:

This is actually time number 5 I believe

schmoesknow says:

We are going back on Wed AM

schmoesknow says:


schmoesknow says:

Let us know what you think of Phillips after you see it!

schmoesknow says:

We all are Bane, we all are.

schmoesknow says:

Sci fi is a fictional tale, it is a Sci Fi drama and there is some realistic stuff. Sci fi doesn’t have to be something that isn’t possible. Gattika for example, possible science etc… Cuaron refers to the film as sci fi as well

schmoesknow says:


schmoesknow says:

Yeah, a big word of mouth film

schmoesknow says:

I’ll let him know you have the next tab!

schmoesknow says:

So many requests for this one! Bizarre!

Spencer Jackson says:

Congrats Mark! Have some Buffalo Wild Wings on me. GG. L8r

KatzenfreakElton says:

Do a “Curse of Chucky”-Review, pleeeeease.

Jordan Miller says:

box offfice sunday really showed that the word of Gravity is getting out fast i mean it went from 54 to 44 million movies useually have a big drop off but thank god this didn’t

ChrisTheAspergerGuy says:

Good on Mark for getting them all right. I’m not too surprised to see Gravity at #1 again, it certainly lives up to the hype. I’m still not sure where the sci-fi part comes in, though. There’s nothing in the film that couldn’t happen to astronauts in real life. I saw Runner Runner this weekend. Not bad, but nothing special either. I look forward to seeing Machete Kills and Captain Phillips later this week.

Sai datta says:

I see what you did there guys. Machete Kills and Captain.

lady09giggles says:

Oh that was funny.

Bane Johnson says:

Good job Mark. I’m so proud of you.

Joshua Herold says:

Very interesting, congratulations on your guess.

Andrew Brinkerhoff says:

Looks like “Machete Kills” should be renamed to “Machete Got Killed”, eh, huh, huh, funny??? … All bad jokes aside, I saw “Gravity” this weekend and was not disappointed, so it’s cool to see it at #1 again; I have yet to see “Captain Phillips”, though I want to.

Alvaro Delgado says:

You did good kid!

Alvaro Delgado says:

Yeah Mark. You finally got it!!!!!

acano774 says:

What the fuck is that a first? Are you going to be back on amc movie talk?

superbench75 says:

Tortuga? Didn’t you die lol

Marco Vazquez says:

Dude that’s awesome! Definitely a good flick we never heard what Chris thought of Kick Ass 2! Sorry I know it’s old..

WolverinesNation92 says:

I got them all right! But someone beat me to it by a couple of seconds. I remember saying well someone is gonna beat me by a few seconds if we’re right.

leatherjacket16 says:


Heja wolf 0602 says:

Good job, Mark! Awesome of you to have 5/5 on Box Office Sunday.

Winx3K3 says:

Yeah mark about time hahahahaha lookin good my friend

Logan Adair says:

Will y’all be doing the walking dead episode reviews this season like last season or season reviews like 1&2?

Logan Adair says:

Good job, Mark! 5/5!

LooneyTunesFanatic27 says:

Congrats to Ellis! Never thought this day would come

brandee campau says:

Are you gonna be watching The Walking Dead tonight?!?!

Andrew Milito says:

It’s about a man and his family vacationing at Disney World. He gets a call that he’s lost his job, and things kind of spiral out of control. He has some strange hallucinations and weird things begin to happen. It’s essentially satire towards the corporate views of Disney.

Jason Voorhees says:

1:57 You became Christopher Walken there for a second when you said the word meatballs, Harloff.

Tebay71 says:

I’m so happy Gravity is number one again.  It’s one of the best films I’ve ever seen.

Wilks363 says:

Well done mark.!, looking forward to Capt Phil

MNMreviews says:

Congrats Mark. So certain that “Runner Runner” would fall harder and off the Top 5. Monday might say different, but that’s not how Box Office Sunday rolls.

nickmesafilms says:


bigcrap757 says:

I’m so confused about what that movie is about, please tell me.

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