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Die Antwoord’s Yolandi Visser Called Drake A Homophobic Slur

Disgusting, homophobic shots fired.

1. Die Antwoord are currently on tour with Drake for Australia’s Future Music Festival. Following the festival’s first stop in Sydney, Die Antwoord singer Yolandi Visser posted this with the caption “Fuk. Drake was kak*.”:

*(Kak = shit)

2. Excuse you. Are you kidding???

3. It’s 2015.

5. Literally just GTFO of here.

6. Also? Drake was flawless, and you misquoted him. What he said was “I’m a motherfucking legend.”

7. In conclusion, sorry about your homophobia, your archaic ideas of masculinity and your awful taste BYE. Drake will be just fine without you.

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