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Disappointed fans down on ‘Washington Football Team,’ suggest alternatives!/MadManofMN/status/508718571095326721

The Washington Redskins lost to the Houston Texans 6‑17 Sunday afternoon, but you won’t read that headline in the New York Daily News, which has not only abolished the “R-word” from all sections of the paper but redesigned the team’s logo to remove any offensive iconography.

There were even a few small protests outside the stadium urging a team name change.!/WRBolen/status/508656153153536000

It seems Twitter is getting used to the idea, with some opting for alternatives such as “the Washington professional football team.”!/mgrantporter/status/508717746608029696!/_MsHoliday/status/508714967261249538

Haha Bears

Haha Chad Henne

Haha Patriots

Haha Washington NFL Team— Daniel Poarch (@PoarchDaniel) September 07, 2014!/davidwest62/status/508710515204317184!/mkc2k/status/508706193888399360!/travismclark/status/508703090695221249!/MikeSchlossberg/status/508696905426432000!/garrettverified/status/508693938148872192!/Eddie_Dynamite/status/508692697860038656!/yoyogin/status/508692582617350145!/17arkness/status/508690836562116608!/singernews/status/508682822966837248




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