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Does ‘Captain Phillips’ Tell the Whole Story?


TheWolverineiscool says:

hollywood has been doing that for years, they are not going to stop now

balsasaint says:

it would be more entertaining…

haider ali says:

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alacar91 says:

I rather see the pirates side of the story.

Genaro Marcial Jr says:

Fucking stupid capt Phillips is awesome I already watched it

TheLauriearmour says:

the movie was GREAT and totally packed. THIS RIDICULOUS controversy
will boost sales moreso.
Slamming New England?. WOW, who are you really angry with????

jolittamerita says:

This what we hero we call every danm things hero

TheNoneHere says:

Even before this movie was even made everybody with half a brain knew the captain did stupid shit and wasn’t a hero, and of course the director will claim it to be a true story he wants money why bother even talking to him? To those who actually you know read been knew that the captain was a tool. And no piracy is not part of the job you shit for brains New England fucktard.

louise evans says:

Captain’s own fault 4 going into pirated area when he was told NOT TO. = True,words from his own mouth & that of his crew. Movie is a big lie…

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