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Doesn't seem like she mistook anything to me.


AwwFudgeIt says:

No art. Me clean.

DwayneElizondoMountainDewHerbertComacho says:

wait…thats not the modern art right there?

HingleMcDingleBerry says:

Well, at least we know she isn’t a hipster…

BootyConnoisseur says:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..?

DrWalterBishop says:


Stone17 says:

Good for her. Trash is not art

DrBarrelRoll says:

well… she wasn’t wrong.

ButterNutsBaconEatingGuy says:

Makes sense

TheSportsGuy says:

modern art is the biggest bullshit. It’s merely about who’s the best salesman

swervetrick3000 says:

If art is easily mistaken for trash, is it still art?

DrNick says:

It’s literally a garbage bin. The only emotion this makes me feel is anger that someone valued it at thousands of dollars.

BloodySuccubus says:

Can someone do this for “fashion” it would make my day.

FrankyFrankFrank says:

Paul Branca didn’t even do THAT first so… contemporary art for ya.

vorduul says:

Does nobody here get irony? GOSH.

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