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Dominick Dunne’s power,privilege and justice – Billionaires Boys Club


MissTia777 says:

I can watch documentaries all day!

MzGypsysEmporium says:

Does it strike anyone else as odd that the boy from poverty is in prison
and the children of the elites walked scott free?

TheDeadlyAvenger says:

“These are endless galaxies which are yours. You can journey to infinity
through the endless passages of the cosmos. Even better, this all belongs
to you. This is your mind.” – Joe Hunt

Tridice Ignacio says:

if your not rich don’t act like you are one if you are smart use it to get

Lee Kee says:

I haven’t seen this in years. Aww! My power episode!

Paul Strong says:

Stupid smart kids are genus.

butelezi00roman says:

What a waste of talent. Driven by greed for power!

Cheryl Simser says:

shades of Madoff and “The Wolf of Wall Street” 

TJ Anderson says:

With a pretty face like that, I’m sure he’s gonna be REAL popular in
prison! Don’t bend over for the soap, Joe.

Robert Henderson-Rhodes says:

dickless wonders

sadu622 says:

dean Carney got immunity in exchange for testifying against Hunt. He knew
too much about the murders including the motives, means and final dumping
location of the victims. He was , in my opinion, not a simple bystander in
these crimes but an acomplice. He got away with it because of all the focus
being strictly on Joe Hunt. He should have been convicted

witchcerridwen says:

kill the dog.why were they affraid he would testefy?

Schuyler Johnson says:

So many of these monsters are millionaires or kids of millionaires, then
they get greedy and kill their parents solely for money. Menendez
brothers, Dana Ewell, etc.

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