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DON’T FUCK WITH AMERICA – Frank Yang’s Captain Phillips movie reaction/review

outtro FULL vid: Like on FB: Photography and art:

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Brian Liu says:

lol that is exactly how i would envision frank yang sleeping – bundled up like a fluffy burrito

bugabuse says:

i second this. do a fast food bulking vid.

Aric Gonzalez says:

This is a lot of American films and it’s really fucking annoying and they’re really horrible.

Simon Adebisi says:

<------ LOL'd hard.

happychineseboy says:

vivan called them mud people

megaphone69 says:

Weird. I was thinking that earlier today, but then thought how he would make a mandatory “bbc for all azn men” day, and was like, maybe he should just be governor of Maine.

megaphone69 says:

This is an oddly personable video.

Aria Terumi says:

frank yang for president

HalfPinoyPride says:

Awesome! I just saw the movie and thought of you reviewing it and here we are haha

m_lp_ql_m says:

FrUnk’s a Chocolate Queen!

jwillz203 says:

yo frank! can you do a video eating fast food for a day???? i think your fans would love to see a supersize meal from you

Rusticfucker says:

Frank do you go to school? How do you make money, and do you live at your parents house?

Mehran hossaini says:

holy shit where you in rockville?

MrSoulcorrupter says:

“I’m gonna be a SEAL Mavy, man” “Those marines weren’t natty” LOOOOOOOOOLL


The military is definitely not natty!

kamizumoku says:

I didn’t know they speak Mandarin in Korea. 🙂

Swump87 says:

dat outtro…

florhapsody says:

Hey Frank, have you seen Gravity? If so what do you think of the film? Thanks for your time bro.

howaboutthatsuckah says:

People do realize that he is wearing that shirt for breastcancer awareness, right? Or are you unaware?

howaboutthatsuckah says:

That’s racist

gerisboyle says:

Your getting alot of use out of that pink under armour

juzzi2118 says:

lol at what Vivian said, Frank you nigger lover

Chadlynx says:

What’s your opinion on video games Frank?

MrDeppness says:

2:16 There goes running Tom Cruise again.

Sean LoBiondo says:

Haha, this right here is why when I haven’t been on youtube for a couple days I check out your new videos first.

Djuro Vukotic says:

iraq , afghanistan, vietnam and so on tells the truth about america.
The country runs on war, but to run war you need oil.. thats why they went into Iraq and used the 9/11 as the reason.. alltough it was alquada, that did it they invaded an intire country?

ezcondition says:

she speaks good Korean

Jev777 says:

Lol I really enjoyed this video

CoolTrixs says:

Fronk how can you join the Navy and turn on your own country.

Yolobey says:

Frank why did you do those sprints I just saw the gains flying off.

MaTaTaTaTaN21 says:

It was alright lmaoooo frank and the bbc lol you’re such an interesting guy or maybe it’s the shirt lol!

Josh Boyd says:

Frank, do you think you would enjoy the creative process of making such a powerful movie yourself?

Alvaro Fierro says:

Just saw the movie.
Amazingly good

darkwasabi2 says:

He now only has one shirt, it’s that one.

kim taeyeon says:

hey frank have you watched gravity? theres a lot of hype with this movie! 

iosoniosonmanuel says:

You forgot to say: all natty. You’re Jeff Seid with a brain.

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