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Dr. Scholl’s Women’s 2 Pack Soothing Spa Low Cut Lavender + Vitamin E Socks with Silicone Treads, Peach, Burgundy, Gray, Black, Shoe Size: 4-10

Dr. Scholl’s women’s soothing Spa socks help you keep moving through your day with style and confidence. Relax and give your feet the royal treatment in these styles designed with soft, premium yarns for luxurious comfort. Enhanced with vitamin dress and lavender for moisturizing relief, these socks are constructed with a smooth toe seam to help prevent irritation. Grippers in the sole prevent slipping on slick surfaces like wood and tile floor in those rare moments when you get to take your shoes off. Perfect for me time, these socks are backed by Dr. Scholl’s guarantee.

Product Features

  • Our soothing spa socks help you move through all of life’s moments with greater ease and joy
  • Soft, premium yarns wrap your feet in luxurious comfort in those rare moments when you kick those shoes off
  • The smooth toe seam is specially designed to minimize irritation, prevent bunching, and provide the ultimate protection for sensitive feet
  • Enhanced with vitamin e and lavender, these socks provide much-needed moisturizing relief for your feet
  • Grippers in the sole provide traction to prevent slipping on wood or tile floors

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Anonymous says:

Very comfy and not too sticky I ordered these not realizing they’d have those sticky things on the bottom. I was actually looking for ones that didn’t (so I’m not sure how I missed that). Despite the sticky pads I gave them a try and they are super comfortable. The pads aren’t too sticky (I’ve had some that I could feel sticking even on carpet). On carpet I don’t notice the stickies at all.. however, on wood it feels a bit like I’ve got something stuck to the bottom of my sock, but it’s not as bad as most no-slide socks…

Anonymous says:

Just fluffy socks?

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