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The Fall from Grace Season 7 of Entourage takes a nose dive both literally and figuratively. All the swagger of Hollywood big shots like Ari Gold and Vinnie Chase proves to be too much for both the audience and their careers. Ari’s big mouth finally gets him in trouble both in the industry and with his wife. Vinnie Chase suffers a similar fate as he falls in with the wrong crowd as his friends expand their own interests leaving Vinnie a bit too much time on his hands. All this would be good television if not for…

Anonymous says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE the entire series as much as being … LOVE LOVE LOVE the entire series as much as being able to use the Fire Stick remote control’s forward button to fast advance each show’s HBO Jane’s addiction-beginning to 1:16 to jump right into the next episode.Entourage’s creative portrayal of today’s Hollywood stars and their agents was an elixir SO sweet and inviting and every emotion from the main characters’ is shared. Mainstream soaps this ain’t and that’s a compliment.Season 7 was the caterpillar emerging from…

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Almost over…

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