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Duck HD Clear Heavy Duty Packaging Tape Refill, 6 Rolls, 1.88 Inch x 54.6 Yard, (441962)

When it’s time to pack up, be sure to choose a durable tape that’s tear- and break-resistant. HD Clear Brand Heavy Duty Packing Tape is designed with a long-lasting acrylic adhesive that keeps your boxes and packages secure during shipping, moving and storage. Plus, it goes on completely clear so you can box up your belongings while keeping your storage space at home or the office looking nice.

Product Features

  • Heavy duty for a strong and secure hold to keep your valuables safe while moving, shipping or in storage
  • Offers wide temperature range performance for shipping and storage in hot or cold temperatures
  • Adhesive bond strengthens over time for a long-lasting hold on boxes, perfect for storage
  • Crystal clear to the core for a professional look on boxes or taping address labels
  • Meets postal regulations for shipping tape

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Anonymous says:

this will be good tape. It’s better than stuff like the U … For a lot of people, this will be good tape. It’s better than stuff like the U Line 2.0mil tape as this tape is 2.6mil. It will also be way better than the economy or basic versions of Duck shipping tape, and better than the basic cheapo tape offered by some industrial suppliers. Where it falls short is if you are used to the Duck EZ Start tape, it’s usually found at places like Wal-Mart. The ez start is just as strong, but isnt as grabby or noisy, it’s easier to control how much tape you want…

Anonymous says:

it would get a tear in the middle of the section causing me to waste the tape because of the abnormal tear down the … I am used to getting the Duck brand EZ Packing Tape and thought I would try this tape out instead. It works, it does tape down my shipping labels securely and tape boxes up securely. BUT, it is extremely loud when pulling the tape off the roll(the EZ tape I am used to doesn’t make any noise when pulling the tape off the roll). It also doesn’t stay in my old Duck tape dispenser. Since it doesn’t stay in my dispenser properly, I was constantly needing to peel the tape from the roll with my finger…

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