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Anonymous says:

Responsible journalism This is intriguing but not one of the consulting physicians or therapists on this show mentioned Pica as the disorder that all these black women who eat clay and pottery and sofa cushions and toilet paper have. Pica is most common among women born and raised in the South, African Americans and pregnant women. Every woman on this show who ate these things was black but Pica was never mentioned. Sometimes therapy is helpful but for individuals who have been continuing the behavior for decades,…

Anonymous says:

Not touching on anything helpful Folks who keep lots of animals need to seek advice from people who contribute to and work with animal rescues. The woman with the cats takes good care of them and should take medication so her allergies do not kill her. The woman who kept the rats should contact a small animal rescue to see how to better take care of her friends and how to find homes for some of them. No reason to get rid of all of the rats or cats, the women obviously love them very much and cherish the companionship. We…

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