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#EdIsOurWinner: Ed Sheeran misses out on Grammy Award, but fans vote with their tweets!/MTV/status/300791608201326594

#EdIsOurWinner because he deserved it more than anyone else and we know how hard he worked for it, he still won in our eyes

— Evan☯ (@e_hazey) February 11, 2013

I’ve seen the outcome of the only category I care about and I’m thoroughly disappointed. I love you, Ed. #EdIsOurWinner #Grammys

— Stephanie Martinez (@stephuhnaay) February 11, 2013

British pop sensation Ed Sheeran made his Grammy Awards debut with Sir Elton John tonight.

Elton John and Ed Sheeran. I am so freaking proud bye.…

— Fernando Arzac (@FernandoArzac) February 11, 2013

They performed his searing hit single, “The A Team.” Top celebs were pulling for him to win a Grammy for Song of the Year…

Good luck to one of my favourite people ever to exist @edsheeran tonight at the Grammys. I have a good feeling… Love you bro .x

— Harry Styles (@Harry_Styles) February 10, 2013

…but the Grammy went to Fun.’s “We Are Young.”

Fans trended #EdIsOurWinner to make sure Sheeran know his talents are appreciated.

Ed is so talented in every single way possible. He doesn’t need a Grammy to prove that. #EdIsOurWinner

— the kenny (@98_kenzie) February 11, 2013

Ed Sheeran came from absolutely nothing just a ruck sack and some CDs kept him going all he had was a guitar and a couch he should have won

— Gabbi(@LouisCupOfTea27) February 11, 2013

He went from sleeping from couch to couch, singing in pubs to singing and being nominated for the Grammy. #EdIsOurWinner

— Brittanyyyy 🙂 (@BTR1DCrew) February 11, 2013

#EdIsOurWinner making it to the Grammys was great but this was the part that made me proud even if he lost.…

— PaulMeMaybe? (@Directionersx_x) February 11, 2013

ed will be so happy when he comes online and realizes millions of people are upset and he sees #edisourwinner trending worldwide

— no (@insidezarry) February 11, 2013


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