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Eight tips to use Instagram more effectively to drive action

Instagram can help your brand drive action to meet your goals. Here are eight ways on how to use Instagram more effectively to find your ROI.

Instagram is not just for brand awareness anymore. As more brands are jumping on one of the most engaging social platforms, they are exploring the best ways to be successful.

As we’ve learned from Facebook’s recent report, people simply expect from brands to be on Instagram nowadays. The brands that have an active Instagram presence as seen as popular, creative, entertaining and relevant.

All these adjectives are important for a brand so the next question is, how can you make sure that you create a successful Instagram presence?

Here are eight tips to make Instagram work for your brand, especially when you’re aiming for actual ROI.

Learn your audience

Your social media strategy for every channel relies on your target audience. Before you start planning your content, make sure you know the people that you want to target. We tend to make assumptions about the people that we want to reach so make sure you spend the time to validate your assumptions.

For example, Instagram is not just for young adults anymore. Your target audience on Facebook may not be on Instagram. Just because something is working on Pinterest, doesn’t mean that it will work on Instagram for your brand.

Build your presence

An effective Instagram presence requires the proper groundwork before it’s set for success. Be consistent with your branding and the content that you’re posting before you start looking for your ROI. It takes time to build an engaging Instagram presence so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate success.

In fact, Instagram’s algorithm will reward consistency and content quality way more than any quick attempt to grow your presence.

Be genuinely engaging

Engagement is very important on Instagram when you’re trying to build your presence. Instagram users are more likely to engage with a brand that wants to create a community rather than posting a series of sponsored and impersonal messages.

Find your tone of voice that will make your brand stand out and create interactive content to make your followers feel involved. User-generated content can also be a great tactic to be more engaging by rewarding your most creative supporters.

Find key partners (and influencers)

Influencer marketing and partnerships can help you build you reach a wider audience. It’s important to work with relevant influencers and partners that reflect your brand’s values to ensure that you’re using your budget in the most effective way.

The more relevant their followers, the higher the chances of seeing a good ROI from each collaboration.

Go beyond awareness

Brand awareness used to be the main objective along with engagement a few years ago on Instagram. Nowadays, you can use Instagram across all stages fo your funnel.

If you’ve just created an account, then you may be aiming for awareness to find new followers.

Once you build your presence you can start creating content with multiple objectives. It’s interesting that 83% of people who use Instagram discover new products. This means that you can create content that drives action without necessarily ruining your branding. People are not annoyed by branded content if it’s creative and relevant, so make sure you’re adhering to your brand’s guidelines.

For example, if you’re working at a dog food brand, it wouldn’t be a surprise to promote your products along with featuring appealing photos of dogs. However, if you simply post a photo showing the discount of a product (e.g. 40%) and the word ‘sale’ then chances are that it wouldn’t be a very appealing post for your followers.

Test different ways to drive action

There are many ways to drive action from your Instagram posts. A good start is to define the word ‘action’ and what it means for your business.

  • Increase of followers
  • Increased engagement
  • Clicks to the site
  • Views on Stories
  • Likes/comments
  • Purchases

You don’t need to pick one of these actions. However, it’s good to remember that all of the above can still count as some form of action. Most of your Instagram posts should drive action, whether it’s an easier one (e.g. likes) or a harder one (purchases).

By agreeing on your objectives it becomes easier to measure your ROI, your strongest metrics and what you need to improve.

You can test many different ways to drive action:

  • Change the link to your bio
  • Post a call-to-action to your Stories
  • Create posts with stoppable products
  • Launch Instagram ads with a link to learn more

You can mix the different call-to-actions to keep your supporters interested and your messaging appealing.

Use Instagram as part of your consumer journey

Start involving your Instagram strategy to all the stages of your consumer journey. Not every post should encourage your followers to make a purchase.

You can analyse your funnel and your content calendar to find the balance between awareness, engagement, consideration, and conversion.

Instagram can now be relevant across all stages, provided that you maintain an engaging presence in all your posts.

Balance short and long term goals

There are times that we are focusing on one goal and we miss other opportunities that come across. When it comes to our Instagram ROI, there are many different levels of goal-setting.

A good way to make the most of your Instagram presence is to find a balance between your short and long term goals.

For example, your short term goal may be to increase your posting consistency and start forming a community of followers. This should not stop you from thinking of your long term goals, such as turning your followers into customers or creating shoppable products with a good conversion rate.

You may not be ready for all the goals at your current stage, but you can still work towards being closer to them.

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