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Ellen Barkin apologizes to One Million Moms, promises ‘open mind’!/EllenBarkin/status/229341771916783616

We’ll admit we’re not sure exactly what brought about the change in tone (could the inclusion of @NBCTheNewNormal in the tweets be a clue?), but Ellen Barkin has pledged to approach media watchdog group One Million Moms with “an open mind and open heart.” Barkin had previously called the group, which was organizing a boycott of Barkin’s upcoming NBC show “The New Normal,” “crazy bitches” and “wasted women.”

Whatever the catalyst, the new approach doesn’t seem to be trickling down to Barkin’s fans.

@EllenBarkin @nbcthenewnormal Don't feel like I have to apologize for insulting them. They insult US with their vile and hateful rhetoric!

— Brian Hampton (@briansh75) July 28, 2012

@EllenBarkin @NBCTheNewNormal Why the hell would apologize to those bunch of loons!?! They've lost every nutbag fight they've ever started.

— Angrygeek (@Angriestgeek) July 28, 2012

@klausfuture Holding my judgement until I get the opportunity,I hope,2 talk directly,w/o the hysteria & misquoting,on both sides,of twitter.

— Ellen Barkin (@EllenBarkin) July 28, 2012

One Million Moms had asked its members to email NBC and ask the network to reconsider the show, which follows a gay couple who hire a surrogate to have a baby for them. “It is the opposite of how families are designed and created,” said the group on its website. “You cannot recreate the biological wheel.”

Barkin certainly sounds sincere in her desire to reach out to the group.

The best thing a person can do when u r wrong is apologize & work ur hardest 2 do better.I am doing that.U have my word @NBCTheNewNormal

— Ellen Barkin (@EllenBarkin) July 28, 2012

Again, fans are not pleased.

@EllenBarkin @NBCTheNewNormal So you are letting them win? Who are you and what have you done with Ellen Barkin?

— Bill Alford (@MyOwnPrvtIdaho) July 28, 2012

@EllenBarkin Please don't apologize to One Million Moms.

— Aaron (@JackBurtonsTEC9) July 28, 2012

@EllenBarkin The One Million Moms are awful, terrible people who protest against gays. You should WANT to offend them.

— Tara Dublin (@taradublinrocks) July 28, 2012

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