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embarrassment intensifies


gbghg says:

well thats a creepy face

PhilDunphyIsMyDad says:

she doesnt look very embarassed….

PiXaSe says:

“mmh fuck damnit”

chemistrydoc says:

The guy’s eyes…creeping on her.

sportspanties says:


ruffcats says:

me too

jbacon55 says:

that’s…that’s the point of the entire .gif. you basically just said “that point of the .gif haha”

BumpSweep says:

Never discourage women in your vicinity from being jiggly.

blzrdphoto says:

I classify things that are obvious as “obvious”

LessThanHumbleScott says:

Look at the window then and watch the roof go in and out.

asstasticproclivities says:

Soooooooooooo much sex. I can tell it’s very fun sex too. I’ve had it back in the day.

fucktacular says:

fuck her

FjordPrefect says:

Is that Francine Peters? (I wonder who will get this reference…)

realplastictrees says:

Is that Katy Holmes?

FjordPrefect says:

Dirty shit motherfucker to downvote this.

fucktacular says:

alli left him because she a bitch and an alcoholic

asstasticproclivities says:


rozz says:

His wife left him he has brain cancer

MissLegoHead says:

Oh come on! I’m sorry but the guy kept his vlog going but he couldn’t save his marriage?

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