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Emus vs. weasel ball.


kangaskid18 says:

And some people STILL think birds didn’t evolve from dinosaurs…

GreedyJungle says:

It’s neck!!!

toxickoolaid says:

I’m spending more time gawking at the rapidly changing points than trying to think of a witty comment now.

IAmNotWhoYouThinkIAm says:

“me vs. dirt on the ground that looks like a spider

baikinmon says:


SinisterKid128 says:

What girls do when they see me.

WhoMD says:


IAmNotWhoYouThinkIAm says:

Read this as emuss at first

ForThoseWhoHaveHeart says:

I am pleasantly emused by this

Fletchski says:

Ahh! Omg! Ahh! Shit!

Lyudmila says:

wow! they got a bit emutional over that!

cboy259 says:

Please. They see an ice cream truck coming

Zephronias says:

Yooooouuuu baaaaastaaaaaard. . .

quantacostacerveza says:

Larry talks in Goofys voice.

mcshady says:

Pepperidge farm.

HommeDeBois says:

Ohgodohgodohgod I think it touched me!!!!!

SmerkBich says:

The YouTube video of this is the reason I am glad we have the internet.

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