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“Enough Yoga!”


ChinkyDingo says:

come onnnnn, lets play

Totallynotadogthatlearnedtotype says:

Silly hooman, PLAY WIT ME!!!!!

ricebowlinseoul says:

Teach him yoga, its possible

alecburnett says:

TBF I’d probably do the same

Tzontlimixtli says:

Aww. Sebulba’s wife got a dog. :3

Calaquin says:

I was wondering why she didn’t just push the dog away, then realized that those are her feet.

dublet says:

If you look at just the top right corner, it looks very dirty.

Balerion30 says:

OMG! She tries so hard to seem dignified with a huge pink tongue on her face!

iLiketoTravel says:

I have to say – as much as I’d love to be that flexible, it does freak me out a bit to see.

ajmonkfish says:

And he has just spent the last 2 hours licking his own balls.

amandil says:

nah he can only do downwards dog

ItDoesntMatterWhoWeAreWhatMattersIsOurPlan says:

every grandma ever

DetectiveSloth says:

Those eyes and those “eyes”.

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