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Especially not yourself. It took me years to learn this but it will only take seconds to share.


jenklk2 says:

True words from a great film

YouTalkFunny says:

Did the Joker just serve Robin a life lesson that might get people killed?

robynlovesyou says:

I didn’t even think of it that way ha

robynlovesyou says:

This is fantastic

YouTalkFunny says:

My pleasure 🙂

ItsATimeyWimeyThing says:

I needed to see something like this today. Thank you.

robynlovesyou says:

I love your name and I did too, I found it in my pictures and had to post it for other people

bittenkitten813 says:

Unless what you want is heroin. Or to be unfaithful in your relationship. Or a deadly illness

ironballsmcginty says:

Upvotes to the both of you. Said pretty much this exact thing to the woman I am introducing my family to this Friday.

robynlovesyou says:

Or spiders. If spiders make you happy get checked man.

petitepoire says:

thank you so much OP!

BimbimbapKitty says:

I really needed this <3

bittenkitten813 says:

True facts

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