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Espn Pardon The Interruption, Wednesday 26th February 2014


Max - ESPN First Take says:
jason roggasch says:

By the time i get to ARIZONA. People who live in New York who allow STOP
and Frisk of anyone anytime. Should not call a state that asks for proof of
citizenship regressive. Second Arizona Gubbner Brewer and her kind attack
the people who are trying for a better life instead of the corporations and
businesses who benefit from cheap labor and zero union participation.
Humans first environment second business a farrrrr farrrrrr third or
fourth. The Cardinals should speak up and the U of Phoenix online should
say something. Only thing i liked Tags did was make Zona pay for MLK day.
Its time to do the same thing Roger.

Kassie says:

Begini lah demokrasi ala – UMNO. Kekadang daku terfikir, sekiranya British melaksanakan apa yang dibuat oleh UMNO ni, rasanya rakyat Tanah Melayu tak kan rasa medeKka.resimpulannya UMNO lagi zalim dari British.

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