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Even women hate feminism


Kriegson says:

THIS. The worst bits of femenism are just plain sexism, no different than racism, and no there is no such thing as “reverse prejudice”

ImTrappedInsideThisComputer says:

I’m a girl and I’m actually fine with the whole “man goes out to work while the wife stays at home cleaning and such”.

thewayofthehoneybadger says:

should be able to earn the same money as a man for the same work and it’s because we are human. We aren’t asking for special treatment. (3/3

xkr73 says:

Ok, so I know this will offend people: Not everyone is equal. It’s true. Men and women all have different things they are capable of (1/2)

xkr73 says:

and we should respect that. Wage packets should be the same for everyone; assuming, of course, that the work is of a similar standard. (2/3)

bigger66 says:

to be fair, feminism means 100 diff things to 100 diff feminists. thats why it means to you, but not to every other feminist

evilterran says:

…then they *are* feminists. Even if they don’t fit the original definition of the word – language changes. (3/3)

Light4ce says:

I’m for equality to a point, but there are some things that a women can’t do as easily as a man, and their are some things a man can’t do

Light4ce says:

that a woman can. Now if the man and the woman have the exact same responsibilities and they both meet them, same pay. If the man has to

Light4ce says:

(in this situation lets say it’s a weight carrying job) if the man is carrying 3 to 4 times as much as the man, then fuck that she should

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