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Every time I decide to get in shape …


Caduceus949 says:

The story of imgur.

LTH4 says:

This made me way too anxious

MaxPatlick says:

that’s a shitty looking cake, but I love the story anyway

heartonmysleeve says:

That cake looks like its covered with salami frosting.

atticanibal says:

In case anyone wants to see the actual video ( which is funnier IMO ) here is the link 🙂

Gewitter says:

So beautiful.

cab100485 says:

I would punch that cake.

SomesortofTardisreferenceperhaps says:

It’s your cake day!

masterkielbasa says:

+1 for Simpsons shirt.

Stonemoose says:

“I want to be inside you” 😀

dkdao says:

Fuck Twilight, THIS is love

cowboyin101 says:

that took awhile, but it made me grin…

bereka says:

Near! Far! Wherever you are!

Valkor says:


Jtap says:

I thought this was a vac packed turkey burger until he called it “cake”….

isayfuckalot says:

This explains EXACTLY how I feel.

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