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Everyone wants to pick me up I think my name is “Aw”


BilboT34Baggins says:


MustBeTheMusic says:

*ovaries explode*

kiiwipallo says:

It simply looks too cute to be real.

chemistrydoc says:

Looks like this has been downvoted if you are browsing on mobile.

yamashi says:

It looks fetching.

esusisesus says:

or…. you might just be a woman!

wessyfbaby says:

I want an Aw.

WilberBorja says:

Thats impossible…….even if u had one…

jackdawslovemybigsphinxofquartz says:

Best. Comment. Ever!

Pitacest says:

Thats a genetic monstrosity. I can’t remember what site it was from but they sell these handbag dogs for £5000. They don’t live past a year.

lizrenn says:

Oh jesus.. i can’t even…

idontevenknowsillymonkey says:

The cuteness. It is overload.

Volcanuz says:

If you just would leave me their address i can make sure they never do it again.

Commiekiller says:

target practice

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