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Exclusive Footage: Carol’s Daughter Grand Opening Celebration Celeb VIP Event


KMELIZ21 says:

GR8 Job on editing the vid very good captures especially of Boris!!

trugurl says:

I am so mad that I missed the grand opening of her store. I went 3 days ago
to buy some products for my hair.

Chiari Johnson says:

looks good.

ericabts2012 says:

I ABSOLUTELY enjoyed this video! I wish I could have attended the event. Im
new to Carol’s Daughter and i’m extremely interested in these products.

bellasong75 says:

the food looks so good…mmmmm:)

naturalangell says:

I know it must have took alot of hard work for this vid. Thank you for
spreading the love.

mysskay says:

i see you girl!

ckmklove says:

fabulous! wonderful job with the pics and video. thanks for making me feel
as though I was there in person. great job!

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