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Exclusive: Hit-Boy Reveals All To STASHED TV

It’s one of Hit-Boy’s most revealing interviews of his career, and one that shows that he’s just getting started. The producer/artist reveals who he’s workin…

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Max Macken says:

Whats the Beat?

Ethan Anthony says:

great interview. you can tell he is really excited for this new music..

Allante D says:

For the love of god, take out that fuck boy music in the background.

jaboyle says:

SUCH A GOOD INTERVIEW !!!!! Hit-Boy a beast

benja303 says:

I think trophies was wack production wise and lyrically.

Bandana Spruce says:

Why does it look like he’s tryna hide a black & blue left-eye

KnoxTV says:

Would love to see HIt in other genres like funky/pop. Hes known for hip/hop
r&b but he’s a musician so I believe that he could do it all. I would love
to hear him do something like this–>

Kareem llertuF says:

This Is Probably One Of The Most Inspirational Interviews Ive Ever
Seen…Everything About It Was Inspirational,Even The Beat in The
Backround..I Really Respect And Admire Everything Hitboy Does ,And You Can
Tell He’s Really Trying To Push The Status Quo Musically ,And Sonically
Take It To A Whole Nother Level…Man I Wish Hitboy Could Be My Mentor And
I Could Just Learn From Him,,,He Really Is Changing The Culture And
Inspiring Kids Like Me To Do The Same,,,Man I Got Much Luv And Respect For

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