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Facebook on the game last night


marvelsarah says:

Yet I still picked Notre Dame. Because I always pick sports games based on which mascot is cooler.

strumfooligan says:

It’s just like the south to beat a dame like that.

timwaters27 says:

Who are you to tell me what comment is “best”, Imgur?? Isn’t that the point of top comment!?

TheUniverseIsLaughingAtMe says:


Frostkyte says:

Oh, look. Another mediocre post about college sports.

colourblindchameleon says:

I feel this has quite a niche audience. But then again, I am British so I don’t understand a lot of the internet.



Cricketits says:

I haven’t beat anything since that dead horse

iamhereiamnothappy says:

it turned into a rugby match?

SomeoneCallKennyLogginsBecauseYoureInTheDANGERZONE says:

We all knew what was gonna happen if Alabama lost that game.

Chaostar says:

Whenever someone wrote about Bama in the game, I pretended they meant Obama. “Bama with the tackle! C’mon, Bama! Kick Notre Dame’s ass!”

PainttheSky says:

Notre Damn.

Kalel4205 says:

What about their wives??

ajizzle says:

redheaded of course

vincentvongoat says:

fuck. now i’m watching this movie.

ZorkZork69 says:

Look at her, and look at him. They’re probably the stereotypical hot bitch and toolbag football star couple. You act like you’re suprised!


If this was about beating women instead of black people, imgurians would be fucking OUTRAGED and this would have 50% downvotes.

Iamwhelmed says:

And aussie newspapers covered the boy from Brisbane. Kudos to him though.

KTNH8807 says:

Cant wait till the playoffs are implemented

Numus says:

Gotta love a conference that won so many bowls! Sugar! Chick-Fil-A!

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