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Fake Bake Face Self-Tanning Lotion, 2-Ounces


D. Travers says:

Fake and Bake Products. I enjoy using this facail tanner, because it also healthy for your skin. It has peptides and firms your skin and diminishes fine wrinkles as it tans your skin. My only problem is that it is not a very dark tan and at times my body is much darker than my face. I really enjoy the fake n bake sunless tanning lotion for the body, it give a dark natural looking tan. At bed I will put the body lotion on my face, which will stick in pores, but I wash it off and the morning and then use the face lotion…

Jordan Mayhue "Jordan" says:

Fake Bake – The Face This is a WONDERFUL product. I have been a religious tanner for years and years. After finding out about Fake Bake, I will never tan in a tanning bed again and will always wear my sunscreen outside.This is an easy product to use and works fantastic. It works best to apply at night and then rinse in the morning with a shower. It does not turn skin orange or make you look like you got your tan out of the can. I will always recommend this product as a safe alternative from the sun…

Deborah Martin says:

Very nice glow 0

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