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Fake Bake Flawless, 6-Ounce

Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tan Liquid combines ease of application with intense professional colour development. Flawless is applied with a professional mitt (included) in effortless gliding strokes for a perfectly even tan. The dual function cosmetic bronzer assists in making the application even easier (shows-where-it-goes) whilst providing an instant golden tan. The fast drying, fast absorbing formula is transfer resistant, so can be worn throughout the day. Formulated with Fake Bake’s exclusive triple tan formula (DHA boosted by DMI & Erythulose) for an intense tan that lasts longer. Suitable for all skin tones and skin types. Pleasantly fragranced with a tropical scent. No artificial preservatives or Parabens.

Product Features

  • Fake bake flawless
  • 6.0 fluid ounce
  • Tropical scent

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Glynis Ewing says:

A hopefully most helpful, cohesive review When reviewing a self-tan product, I believe it’s extremely important to introduce certain characteristics of the author in order for readers to determine whether the product should apply to them. Before I begin, I am 21 years old and extremely fair. As a child, I was decidedly ginger/strawberry blonde, so my skin WILL NOT tan – not then, not now. I’ve tried a lot of sunless tanners throughout my middle school/high school/collegiate struggle to be tan (or at least a normal, non-ghost shade)…

Sarah says:

After YEARS of searching I’ve finally found the PERFECT self-tanner! I used to use tanning beds to achieve my tan until one day I noticed a weird spot on my back and found out it was basal cell carcinoma. So now tanning beds are out and sunscreen is a must, but I missed having my glow. I began just trying any and every self-tanner that I could get my hands on, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with anything until I tried Fake Bake Flawless. It really has everything you hope for in a self-tanner. It really truly smells the best of anything I’ve ever used (my…

AdrienneKampman says:

(Former) Pale Princess UPDATE: I have gotten my Mom to get this, who is even more pale than I am and she LOVES it and swears by it. She gets a very natural color as well.***Let me just start off by saying that I am Polish, Finnish, and Irish. We are a pale, stout people meant to live in cold, dark places. Thusly, no matter what I do I cannot get a tan; I burn, or turn a sort of odd orangish color. It’s really quite terrible. I digress.I decided to test drive this product this summer, before I…

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