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Fake Piers Morgan Twitter account sparks false Nelson Mandela death rumor!/Storyful/status/343504742196064256

Nelson Mandela remains hospitalized in “serious but stable” condition, but a phony Twitter account has fooled many into believing Piers Morgan announced Mandela’s death. The fake announcement was re-tweeted over a thousand times:!/piersrnorgan/status/343379061730603008

Note the handle: @Piersrnorgan.

Astute Twitter users took notice:!/NathanWurtzel/status/343864694001508353!/CochranShow/status/343864181822480384

Is it possible so many others were fooled because what the fake Morgan tweeted was as inaccurate as things the real Morgan tweets? Just asking.

The real Piers Morgan asks for assistance:!/piersmorgan/status/343902649655099393

Don’t say we’ve never helped you out, Piers.

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