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False Flag 911: How Bush, Cheney and the Saudis Created the Post-911 World

From the flight deck of a Boeing 767, airline captain Philip Marshall pulls back the veil of deception surrounding the 911 attacks. In gripping, authoritative detail he recreates the hijacked flights, including all their technical challenges, exploding the myths behind official accounts of pilot training and tactical planning. His finding: the mission could not have been carried out by any known terrorist group. Explaining for the first time the hijackers’ mysterious trips to Las Vegas, where and how they could have been trained, and the document that actually states a political motive for the attacks, he finds abundant evidence implicating a nexus of Saudi officials, American contractors and, most unthinkably, members of the Bush administration. Analyzing 911 in terms of its original tactical plan, Marshall concludes that the attack partially failed, and that its failures could ultimately serve to bring the creators of the Post 911 World to light, if not to justice.

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Delta Girl says:

About Time! On behalf of airline employees everywhere, deepest thanks go toCaptain Marshall for correcting distortions in the 911 Commission’sFinal Report. By putting the events of 911 in proper order, usingofficial government reports, Marshall makes it clear that George W.Bush knew the nation was under attack before he entered thatsecond-grade classroom. This book shows at least three areas where an honest inquiry should be able to find a smoking gun and connect it to…

Johnny says:

Fascinating Book I am a Captain for a major airline.It was a clear day as I approach the Washington DC metro plex.We were about 30 miles out when I spotted the Monument and downtownDC. It occured to me that Marshall had a good point. Forthe Raiders to pinpoint their targets on the money at 500 mphwas no cake walk. I have done the visual approach down the riverlanding south at Reagan National hundreds of times, and it can be a challenge even for veterans. The Raiders…

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