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Father Attacks Man in Court Room Who Brutally Murdered His Daughter

If you take something from someone as precious as their family, would you expect them to sit idly by? Probably not, right?

Thirty-eight-year-old Michael Madison was recently convicted of the murder of three separate women and was handed the death penalty. In the courtroom was the father of one of his victims, Van Terry. He was just sitting there with an immense rage boiling up inside of him at the man who took his world, and the sentencing wasn’t enough.

The man who had taken his daughter’s life was just sitting there on the stand, allowed to give his final words to the court… but he was smiling. Obviously Terry wasn’t in his right mind at the time, there’s no way he could be after seeing that smug grin on Madison’s face! So, in the heat of the moment he leaps towards the killer, ready to commit a murder of his own. Did Terry go too far? Probably, but only after being pushed. Do you think he should face any legal ramifications, or were these just the actions of an emotionally enraged father?

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