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Father uses skeleton bought for Halloween to scare daughter, hilarity ensues


Soulcold says:

Plot twist.. the Girl makes it her dildo..

GoblinKrunch says:

You’d think she’d get used to it after the second or third time… +1 for dumb bitches 🙂

kaceybee says:

Plot twist dad actually dies while she’s away. She comes home to his skeleton and just LEAVES him there. Bitch.

Shmambs says:

A coworker of mine has a Chucky doll he does this with. He even snuck into his neighbors’ house and left it in their bed.

fireflowerfire says:

Why? Because you are a lolcow. You feel everything so intensely, others cannot help picking on you, just to watch you cry and explode.

iDrinkDrano says:

Do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior: Grim Fandango?

edwardelricsnipples says:

“The ride never ends”

cspinasdf says:

He’s just training her. Rats and skeletons are level 1 type shit.

VesselOfHate says:

I want a prop skeleton so bad. Someone remind me november first.

AngryGermanTownsPeople says:


kingsurlydave says:

The Lost Skeleton of Cadadvra?

adam1124 says:

When keeping it real goes wrong – Dad joke edition.

10on10 says:


Spatnaz says:

At least you don’t have any skeletons in your closet.

glopsnort says:

3spooky5me, so take that

captainseasick says:

“Hilarity” is a strong word, dude… “slight funniness” or probably more appropriate here. And wtf, this is some old fuckin’ SHIT!

somebody777 says:

I’m gonna leave a skeleton looking into my daughter’s open door and play this at night

captainseasick says:

Ugh. Crappy spelling is crappy. “IS probably more”, more like…

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