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Flowers looking over the ocean.


RedeemedKing says:

Something about wet red flowers, and smells fishy.

JoeBlind says:

Those are some very risky dildos there OP.

chadEchad says:

Do they have faces on the other side of them that we just can’t see? That would be rad…

TheGerbil8 says:

Hey… Flowers can’t sea they don’t have eyes!

Dwemer says:

I’m pretty sure flowers don’t have eyes. At least 82% sure.

raptorclawhandshake says:

Look at all of those dildos.

MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

Flowers can’t see, you insensitive bastard.

NormalNorman says:

I bet these flowers make great dildos.

Dhebert9 says:

They look like they’d tear my limbs off if I ran through there drunk

whoisdwigt says:

Maybe the flowers are all staring at you and your camera. “YOU DON’t FUCKING KNOW US, BRO!!!” – the flowers

straziante says:

“How can flowers see when they don’t have eyes?” – Jaden Smith 2014

SilkyBunny says:

Not really. It’s like Nazi Germany. Too many armed americans. It would be a bloodbath and counter-intuitive to their goals.

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