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Former Sen. Alan Simpson not too keen on Grover Norquist!/TimJGraham/status/273819176060219392

Former GOP Senator Alan Simpson has had enough of Grover Norquist, and hopes he falls in a bathtub.

“So how do you deal with guys who came to stop government or Grover wandering the earth in his white robe saying he wanted to drown government in the bathtub? I hope he slips in there with it.”

His rant didn’t end there.

Fmr. Sen. Alan Simpson on #mitchellreports: Norquist “is becoming irrelevant. The game is up.”

— Andrea Mitchell (@mitchellreports) November 28, 2012

Grover Norquist -“a zealot who, having forgotten his purpose, redoubles his efforts,” former Sen. Alan Simpson (R).…

— astrocanine (@astrocanine) November 28, 2012

“@thedailyedge: SERIOUSLY: Alan Simpson: “Grover knows his game is over. You can see it in his eyes.” #GroverIsOver” Grover join Elmo!

— Marquis(@ohiobearsfan) November 28, 2012

Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, is famous for his “no tax pledge” in which he asks GOP representatives to pledge not to raise taxes. Several politicians have recently stated they will now violate that pledge, which has caused a backlash against them.

Simpson has found a few supporters.

Alan #Simpson trashes #Norquist, says he’ll soon be irrelevant. He’s always been an irrelevant irritation to many of us

— RC deWinter (@RCdeWinter) November 28, 2012

Can I adopt him? MT @domeniconbc: Alan Simpson: If you can’t compromise, you shouldn’t be in Washington & you shouldn’t get married

— Shawna Thomas (@ShawnaNBCNews) November 28, 2012

Remember when Alan Simpson seemed Right Wing?

— Paula Poundstone (@paulapoundstone) November 28, 2012

I respect Senator Alan K. Simpson! Why can’t more politicians speak wisely & directly?

— Cathy Shea (@cathy_shea) November 28, 2012

Others find that Simpson is an aging opportunist trying to wring out a few more moments of fame.

You have to explain who Simpson is. #fail MT @mitchellreports: Fmr. Sen. Alan Simpson: Norquist “is becoming irrelevant. The game is up.”

— Derek Hunter (@derekahunter) November 28, 2012

@derekahunter @mitchellreports Alan Simpson has been irrelevant for at least 15 years and his phony cornpone act is equally stale

— Kelly Sayre (@texasgalt) November 28, 2012

[email protected]mitchellreports It’s not about Norquist. It’s about political fallout from constituents of members who take, then break the no-tax pledge.

— Brit Hume (@brithume) November 28, 2012

RT @thefix: “Grover will be irrelevant in 2 years.” — Alan Simpson. / The wonder is that Alan Simpson (R-Curmudgeon) isn’t irrelevant now.

— Inwit (@inwitinwit) November 28, 2012

Now realizing that the Simpson-Bowles plan benefits Alan Simpson and Erksine Bowles more than anything. Now getting HUGE $ in speaker fees

— Latin Romney(@LatinRomney) November 28, 2012

Simpson wishes politicians instead of journalist saw him as the budget god @thefix: “Grover will be irrelevant in 2 years.” — Alan Simpson

— Daniel Berman (@DanielBerman2) November 28, 2012

Wow. SO mature…You freaking morons! Chris Matthews and Alan Simpson Joke About Grover Norquist Drowning

— Doc Hughes (@kennettehughes) November 28, 2012

@brithume @mitchellreports Isn’t Alan Simpson the one who is “irrelevant”? His commission’s ideas were ignored by #Obama.

— Martin Kaufmann (@martykaufmann) November 28, 2012

By the way, Norquist told the Washington Post editorial board last year that “Not continuing a tax cut is not technically a tax increase.”

We expect to hear that argument a lot in the coming weeks.

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