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Found this little guy in the woods. Must have gotten lost in the storm.



D’awwww. You give that trampoline a hug right now!

chemistrydoc says:

Hurricane Sandy does not like tramps.

pacaveli420 says:

Tramps, they get around

mbennett233 says:

I like to imagine it ran away waddling on all of its legs into the woods. And it stopped as soon as you turned and looked.

TotallyNotTryingToLullYouIntoAFalseSenseofSecurity says:

That trampoline is drunk. It is unsafe to use unless you are drunk as well. If you are on the same level it’s perfectly safe.

Sunny20 says:

It’s a trap. It’s trying to lure you into the woods

procax says:

I knew that all I had to do was scroll down to find this comment.

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