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Found this picture and it just reminded me of high school so much..


JumpingCactus says:


JumpingCactus says:


OneWingedWolf says:

You’ve got the touch! You’ve got the power! Yeah!

Proudfoots says:


awwwskeetskeetskeetskeet says:

He’ll get the message either way.

TheJerkNessMonster says:

Piddle Piddle squat squat. Now you have the downvote shot!

scraffyyy says:

Goddamn this is the most upvotes I have ever had

SoIgotthatgoinformewhichisnice says:

The ‘soOoOoOo’ bit is what go me

trapdoor says:

Punch him in the face, with your own face, gently…

scraffyyy says:

I didn’t make this though… Honestly I don’t even know who made it.. SORRY

SoIgotthatgoinformewhichisnice says:

It doesn’t matter, you’ve brought it to my attention, and for that you have earned your upvote.

scraffyyy says:

No problem, hope you enjoy it ūüėÄ

alicks says:

What do you mean “at that age”? You mean I’m not supposed to do that anymore? That explains a lot…

MemoryAmethyst says:

Pow! Right in the kisser! mmmmm kisser.

WKBetafiggit says:

Here, have a couple more, I’ve some to spare.

WKBetafiggit says:

“then punch him in the kisser… with your lips”.

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