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Free Snowman…


stanblueberry says:

Where’s the hex key?

utopiaa says:

I bet it will be the sleekest snowman you’ve ever seen, though.

Panteraftw says:

Instructions not clear enough, dick got frostbite.

WeShouldReallyJoinTogetherToCleanTheInternetFromPervertedKids says:

Thanks for the present Ikea, I love you so much for how you reward your customers.

MrBoomstik says:

That figures. My snowman only came with 2 buttons, directions say 5 and the nose is missing.

MusicalTheatre says:

Why is Ikea advertising this?.. I don’t see what they are accomplishing.

ithoe says:

So no need for any prison workers

WillPalmer says:

Free Hat!

Yourenglishdinner says:

This explains why my snowman sometimes fall apart so fast.

reios says:

It’s just going to break once you pull it out of the box T_T

notasrelevant says:

“Offer valid in participating locations”

Answer42 says:

Sorry I was going to upvote you but then I saw you had exactly 42 upvotes.

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